Billz – Monifa

Artist: Billz

Song: Monifa

Based: Stockholm

Stands out: Catchy chorus, trap sounds

If you like: Cardi B, Drake

Billz is a new Swedish artist who has really impressed us with his new track ‘Monica’.

Having moved from North-Africa at the age of 3, Billz now resides in Stockholm, in a hood south of south of the capital city called ”Brandbergen”.

This song is a full on trap number with a catchy chorus, autotune lyrics and a really well produced beat. We love a good trap/hip-hop track with a commercial streak like this one. Although it goes hard it could still make it to the charts.

The song comes with a pretty gangsta music video. Billz’ trademark look is the ski mask which he wears to conceal his identity for private reasons… mysterious, hey?