Ronnie Lott – Find Me

Artist: Ronnie Lott

Song: Find Me

Based: Texas

If you like: Chris Brown, Jeremih

Having made it to the Audiotox homepage a total of 3 times in the past 6 months, Ronnie Lott is one of our favourite independent artists on the hip-hop scene.

Partly due to his incredible music and also his sexy jaw line (hello?) we love this dude.

Ronnie’s voice is chill, smooth and manly with just the perfect hint of softness to it. Think Chris Brown, Justin Bieber etc. That kind of slickness that makes the girls (and boys) go crazy, especially with lyrics like these.

‘Find Me’ is a track by Ronnie that was featured on Tommy boy’s compilation album for SXSW 2018. It starts off with a melodic percussive instrument that sounds like a cross between rain drops and wind chimes. Paired with a smooth sub bass, hip-hop drums and R&B style lyrics this song will appeal to listeners who are into the likes of Drake, Chris Brown and Jeremih. It would be good enough as an R&B vocal but the rap verse really takes it up to a new level. Check out the song below and also have a look at our previous posts on this urban gem.

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