Rayvin Moon – Tyler Durden

Artist: Rayvin Moon

Song: Tyler Durden

Based: United States

Stands out: Vocals

If you like: Lana Del Rey, Halsey

Hailing from a background in operatics and classical music, Rayvin Moon’s sexy af vocals stray from these styles with her dark-alt pop track ‘Tyler Durden’ which is dripping in cinematic stye with sumptuous hip-hop beats not unlike an early Lana Del Ray.

Rayvin explains:

“It’s about a relationship with someone who I personified¬†as my own personal Tyler Durden, and how he brought me back to life after a really difficult series of events, how we defied societal norms together, and how badly I wanted to heal and be beautiful for him.”

This haunting track sent chills down our spine and left us wanting for more…