Sullivan King – Dropkick

Artist: Sullivan King

Song: Dropkick

Stands out: Dubstep/Metal infusion

If you like: Hallucinator, I See Stars


This song immediately hits you in the gut with a powerful double bass drum and continues to batter you senseless for the rest of the song but MY GOD, you will love every second of it!

The lead single ‘Dropkick’, from Sullivan King’s new EP, Come One, Come All, incredibly infuses the power and drive of heavy metal with brutal but calculated beats and a mixture of clean and screamed vocals.

The fifty seconds of pure metal at the beginning builds tension and you’d be forgiven in not wanting this to end but it’s just a tease. The drop hits and suddenly you’re hooked on a fantastic dubstep track. Once it ends you’re going to want hear the beginning again and the whole process starts over.

This is definitely one of those songs you will listen to on repeat.