Kissy Fleur – Conversations with Past Lovers

Artist: Kissy Fleur

Song: Conversations with Past Lovers

Based: Sydney, Australia

Stands out: Unique sound, listen out for 2:37

If you like: Agnes Obel, Susanne Sundfør

‘Conversations with Past Lovers’ is the first single taken from 21 year old songstress Kissy Fleur’s upcoming debut album ‘Ripened Fruit’. The subject of the album may be dark in nature, charting the story of a young girl who is sexually assaulted at the age of 15, but it is Kissy’s beautiful sound juxtaposed against this challenging subject that makes the power of her message so potent.

With a quirky vocal style not dissimilar to Anges Obel, this talented your musician’s song writing has mighty story telling ability, with samples of muffled arguments later in the track making our blood run cold, transporting us very much into the moment.

A firm believer in the healing power of music, Kissy hopes that her music can be a place of solace for young men and women who have endured similar experiences. Truly powerful work.

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