Ollie Joseph – Waves (feat. Dan Henig)

Artist: Ollie Joseph

Song: Waves (feat. Dan Henig)

Based: California

Stands out: Tight vocals

If you like: Travie McCoy, Bruno Mars

‘Waves’ is the brand new song from up and coming artist Ollie Joseph. Ollie was born in Yokosuka, Japan but grew up in Florida and Michigan although he is currently based in Los Angeles which is where he filmed his music video for this track.

This song will stand out to those of you who are into your more commercial hip hop such as Logic’s radio hits, G-Eazy, Eminem etc. We actually felt like we got a similar vibe from it that we got from ‘Billionaire’ by Bruno Mars and Travie McCoy.

The song is the perfect mix between chill and upbeat and has a real summer undertone to it that got us all excited for the warmer weather that is (apparently) on it’s way!

We really loved the vocals, the chorus/intro have a couple of layers going on… A higher voice and a deeper whispery voice in the back which make for a really beautifully tight yet multi-faceted sound. The rap is really tight too and has a lot of energy. We check out Ollie’s back catalogue after hearing this track and it’s amazing. We really loved his song ‘Trial and Error’ which is a lot darker than this one. The different styles he lays down show how much of a versatile artist he is, we think he’s going to be a star. Gold stuff right here.

“This song is an aphrodisiac, plain and simple. Dan explained to me what the hook meant to him, which is what I constructed my verses around. I always try to get serious, but this song is just a fun bop that you can roll down the windows and blast. Having a background from the islands, I’ve always liked the more tropical sounding, fun songs. Theres no deeper meaning here, as the song is pretty self explanatory.”