Refeci ft. Emilie Cyréus – Die Hard

Artist: Refeci ft. Emelie Cyréus

Song: Die Hard

Based: Scandinavia

Stands out: Vocal melody, drop

If you like: Charity, Martin Garrix, Ellie Goulding

‘Die Hard’ is the perfect example of a new wave of exciting electronic pop coming out of Scandianvia.

18-year-old Refeci and Emelie Cyréus can boost millions of streams with their previous releases between them. It is easy to see why; Catchy accessible, emotional vocals combine with a melodic electronic pop production full of dance music influences.

This is a really great EDM song with a smashing drop. We loved how this song really got us excited for summer. The track features vocals from the talented Emelie Cyréus who delivers a lovely, soft and covered vocal on this chill track.

We thought the vocal melody was really good, it has a lot of energy to it and will get stuck in your head. Hella catchy.