Benedict Marsh – Talk To Me Baby

Artist: Benedict Marsh

Song: Talk To Me Baby

Based: Toronto

Stands out: Vocals

If you like: Justin Timberlake, Early 2000’s

Today we are very excited to share music from a brand new artist with you! Well, he’s not a brand new artist. He’s been working behind the scenes for quite some time but is only just making his debut as an artist himself.

Benedict Marsh

We were immediately caught off guard by how reminiscent of a young Justin Timberlake this guy’s vocals were! If you like Justin Timberlake then you will most likely like Benedict Marsh.

Benedict, a Toronto based artist, has so far released only a few singles from his debut album ‘RIVER | KID | MIX | TAPE’ which is scheduled for release on May 11 2018.

Written in his underpants in the midst of a two year period in which Benedict was writing a song every day, “Talk to Me Baby” draws inspiration from Timberlake-esque early 2000s pop, Marvin Gaye drum hooks, and the Oooos in Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” courtesy of The Neptunes.

Check out the song and the music video below, which is basically Benedict Marsh dancing in front of a sofa and taking of his clothes.

Photos credit of Nicole Dee –