Halcyon Drive – Silver Ray

Artist: Halcyon Drive

Song: Silver Ray

Based: Melbourne, Australia

Stands out: Eye-catching video

If you like: Kings of Leon, Black Keys

Fresh from the release of their fresh hit ‘Silver Ray’, these uni mates turned indie-rockers have created a feast for the eyes in their DIY new video accompaniment.

As students of creative design its clear to see their flare for the art in this bold and satisfying creation. The core values at the heart of their design ethos, to imagine, conceptualise, improve, challenge and create something wonderful out of nothing is abundantly clear in this musical project.

Bursting with feel good vibes, toe tapping beats, the slickest production and luscious vocals to boot, Halcyon Drive are hitting up all our personal playlists!

“The Silver Ray clip concept spawned from identifying what could be called an urban blank canvas; empty spectator seats. By focusing on motion and movement, we hoped to translate the energy and buoyancy of the song, more visual than narrative. Something creative, fresh and fun. It was the most fun we’ve had doing a clip so far”.

Michael Oechsle & Max Pamieta (Halcyon Drive)

Kicking off their Silver Ray Tour this Friday, check out the link below to get your hands on tickets: