Joseph J Jones – Speaking In Tongues

Artist: Joseph J Jones

Song: Speaking In Tongues

Based: Essex, UK

Stands out: Big voice

If you like: Hozier

Joseph J Jones

Joseph J Jones is a singer from the UK. He has a big voice and a really interesting vibe.

We’re excited to share the new video for Joseph’s track ‘Speaking In Tongues’. The song is a big indie production, somewhere between Alex Clare and The Killers, with a tonne of emotion. The song carries a heavy feeling, it’s almost depressing and uplifting at the same time.

Shot on locations in and around Joseph’s native Essex – the concept for this biographical video was conceived after conversations between Joseph and Greg Houston around upbringing, environment and the songs’ underlying theme of trial and tribulations of a relationship on the brink. The video also features real footage of Joseph and his friends visiting one of the country’s last remaining dog tracks for a night out.

“Speaking In Tongues is an atheist gospel record. I was inspired to write it after numerous conversations I used to have with an ex girlfriend of mine who was extremely religious. I am not religious at all so we used to disagree on everything, ending up having these full on heated discussions. ‘You’re speaking in tongues!’ basically….” – Joseph J Jones