Ollie Joseph – Ripped Up (feat. HUSH)

Artist: Ollie Joseph

Song: Ripped up (feat. HUSH)

Based: California

Los Angeles based rapper collaborates with HUSH on ‘Ripped Up’.

We covered Ollie Joseph less than a week ago and today we are very excited to be sharing a second song from him.

Last time we talked about Ollie’s song ‘Waves’ which is a catchy and energetic hip-hop song with a pop vibe. This song follows that same vibe that we loved but the chorus on this song is SO much more catchy.

So many summer vibes, such great vocals, catchy beat! Ripped up is about a relationship that didn’t work out, but a girl he still has a lot of feelings for. We believe the song would be a perfect fit for your site.

“‘Ripped Up’ is one of the most meaningful song’s I’ve written. It’s about the same girl a few of my others songs are about, and was supposed to be the final ballad about her. It probably won’t be.”