Tee Noah – Sunday Service

Artist: Tee Noah

Song: Sunday Service

Stands out: Dark vibe

If you like: B.O.B, 21 Savage


Tee Noah is an up and coming hip-hop artist who recently dropped the music video for his single ‘Sunday Service’.

‘Sunday Service’ is a modern hip-hop track which features chilling audio samples and sound effects alongside Tee’s savage vocals.

We really dig anything dark and this song is definitely  boasting a dark, creepy vibe. We love the risky and frisky religious content.

Check out the awesome music video at the bottom of this post, we are really excited about this artist. There’s nothing we love more than an artist with a killer vibe and a vacant stare.

Connect with Tee Noah:
F: www.facebook.com/teenoah
T: www.twitter.com/teenoah
I: www.instagram.com/teenoah
W: www.teenoah.com
E: mgmt@teenoah.com


“This latest video release speaks to the contradiction we all face living in society, the communal need to give AF and the personal desire to give no F’s. Enjoy the sermon ?