Approachable Members of Your Local Community – Semiotic Vision

Artist: Approachable Members of Your Local Community

Song: Semiotic Vision

Based: Australia

Stands out: The most entertaining video you will have seen this year!

If you like: Tame Impala

Taking this week’s prime spot as our ‘Video of the Week’ is Melbourne indie-pop collective Approachable Members of Your Local Community with their vision in blue Adidas, ‘Semiotic Vision’.

We could tell you about this video ourselves but this gold-class youtube comment pretty much hit the nail in the head for us…!

I was on the hospital bed. The doctor said, “you have 4 minutes to live, is there anything you’d like to listen or watch before you’re gone forever?”
I had a good few seconds of deep thought before deciding and said “Doctor, play me that new Approachable Members music video!” And over the next 3 minutes and 24 seconds I was in heaven. I felt weightless and euphoric.
When the music video finished, I told my doctor, “Remember to stay Approachable”
He said, “I always will”
Worth noting, not just a pretty video-face, a cracking tune to boot! Check out the hype below: