PRESSYES – Hideaway


Song: Hideaway

Based: Vienna, Austria 

Stands out: Addictive beats

If you like: Beck

Providing our Sunday with the perfect boost of both momentum and chill is the new PRESSYES single ‘Hideaway’.

A synth-rich treat, musician René Mühlberger brings together his talents on drums/bass/synths/guitar and vocals on his trusty tape recorders to create a wondrous, easy-going chill vibe.

The inspiration for this track came following the break up of Mühlberger’s main band VELOJET, after which he found himself in free fall. Overtime as the outside world began to feel more and more overwhelming, he instead began creating his own version of reality in his mind, his own little hideaway…

Back in the real world and with his new found reassurance, PRESSYES was born, and we just can’t get enough!