JDG – IOU (feat. New Haven)

Artist: JDG

Song: IOU (feat. New Haven)

Based: Melbourne, Australia

Stands out: Hypnotic trance vibes

w e   g o t   t h a t   g o o d   g o o d


IOU is a club banger by Canadian artist JDG.

The percussive riser in the build is perfectly EQ’d to the point where you can literally feel it running through your head. This song is so well produced that the listener actually becomes one with it.

Consisting of fantastic percussion, electric drill-like synthesisers, bass and a topline of catchy vocals (and we mean catchy), this track boasts a huge chorus which is dominated by a dirty fat synth. The vocals on the chorus repeat the track title (It’s only you) until you are hypnotised into an all encompassing trance.

This is the best type of EDM. This is the real sh**.


JDG: Melbourne born and bred Jordan Griffiths draws an awakening from a global compass to harness his impeccable production expertise. From the sounds and boldness of Hardwell, W&W, and TJR to the homeland inspiration of Will Sparks and Joel Fletcher, there is no room to deny the JDG profile is on a solid journey with his own flavour. Fusing a caliber of elements across the house, minimal and bounce tips, JDG drives the studio in first gear pioneering his sound across charts from Australia to the USA.