A.J. and Bobby Reil – Intermission

Artist: A.J. and Bobby Reil

Song: Intermission

Based: USA

Stands out: Sick flow

If you like: Kendrick Lamar

One of our favourite Soundcloud hip-hop artists is American rapper duo A.J. and Bobby Reil. We first covered them some time in 2017 and have been closely following them ever since. For a reason.

A.J. and Bobby kill it every time. We like our bars hard, fast and to go for a long time – that’s exactly what these guys deliver, probably the reason their Soundcloud page is swarmed with comments and plays.

‘Intermission’ is a dark track with a fast pace and a relatively simple beat, allowing the listener to really focus on the lyrics and their seamless delivery. Check out the smash track below:

Up and coming American Rapper duo AJ and Bobby Reil release their new single “Intermission”,
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