Soleima – Pacify Me

Artist: Soleima

Song: Pacify Me

Based: Copenhagen, Denmark

Stands out: Funky production, alternative vibe

If you like: Ben Khan

Soleima is a Danish artist who has been making movements on the electro pop scene over the past couple of years. Having gained the support of the likes of Annie Mac and also earning herself a nomination at the Danish Music Awards so early in her career, it looks like Soleima might be here to stay.

‘Pacify Me’ has a production style very similar to that of the critically acclaimed Ben Khan who we all fell in love with a few years ago. It’s a hard style to pull of but Soleima certainly does it. The funky instrumentation and punchy beat juxtaposed with her sweet baby voice are a really interesting sound.

The Copenhagen based singer is set to release her second EP ‘Bulldog’ on April 6th on Parlophone. Taking a bold step forward with her sound, the EP is the result of her expressing her complete creative freedom.

“These new tracks are some of the most experimental tracks, I’ve ever done,” said Soleima in an interview with Gaffa. “To me they’re all super poppy, but the feedback is that they’re not poppy in the commercial sense. But I also think it’s important to continuously release songs like this, both personally, but also because I think it’s important that our music doesn’t get to homogenized and generic. That’s always a challenge when you’re trying to fit into a certain box, and then we, as artists, tend to create very similar stuff.”