Tsunami Viii – Roses

Artist: Tsunami Viii

Song: Roses

Based: Miami, FL

Stands out: Music video

If you like: Arty music, hip-hop

This video is wavy as fu*k.

This is not a record label making an artist, this is an artist making art. – audiotox

Tsunami Viii is a new artist from Miami, FL. His style is something we haven’t really seen before.

The combination of visuals and audio is exquisite and really the type of thing that can only have happened through inspiration.

It’s a vibe we like to call hippie-hop. It’s like flowers and patron; spoken word and a bass.


The video for this song is absolutely stunning. You have to see it. It features girls, flowers and flames. Enticed?

We asked Tsunami Viii about the making of the video and here’s what he had to say:

“It took me a year to complete it. I started shooting the video around May of 2017 and finished last month. The flowers represent love, as love is a beautiful thing even when it hurts, hence the fire flowers. It was a pleasure not only being able to create the song but shooting the video my self allowed me to paint the exact picture I wanted to Portrait.”

Tsunami Viii on social media: