Lick Twist – Be Loved

Artist: Lick Twist

Song: Be Loved

Based: NYC

Stands out: Vocals, genre-bending sounds

If you like: Brooke Williams, AWAY

‘Be Loved’ is the new song from genre-breaking artist Lick Twist.

Lick Twist, otherwise known as Daniel Oron, is a 22 year old producer, songwriter, and composer born and raised in NYC. His brand present’s listeners with high quality, well produced music that is deeply soul filled and contains elements of both acoustic and electronic influences.

Breathtaking vocals grab you by the soul literally seconds into this song. You’re then led down a magnificent maze of sounds which is amplified in the chorus.

The song features synths, vocal samples, acoustic guitar and sounds ranging from organic to electronic with a dark and mysterious vibe. It’s rare for such an experimental track sound so together and polished so we were very impressed when we heard this.

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