Tyro – Back to You

Artist: Tyro

Song: Back to You

Based: LA

Stands out: Dark sound, AMAZING production

If you like: Banks, Lana Del Rey

“Back to You” is the newest indie anthem to slay and drown your soul. With an intense energy that’s been previously seen in Banks, Lana Del Rey, The Weeknd this could be your new favourite artist. The almost religious darkness feels almost naughty, it’s quite incredible actually.

TYRO is a 23 year old singer/songwriter that is currently based in Los Angeles. Originally born and raised in Lebanon, TYRO moved to LA fueled by more than 5 years of writing songs and performing all around Lebanon in prominent festivals and venues.

We have to applaud Tryo for every aspect of this song that you can hear was born through true inspiration and being present when writing this masterpiece. It’s rare to find a song like this, and we’re fucking glad we did.

Back to You tells the tale of a toxic relationship. That relationship is bad, and you know it, but somehow there is something tragically beautiful about it that keeps you coming back for more.