24kGoldn – Ballin’ Like Shareef

Artist: 24kGoldn

Song: Ballin’ Like Shareef

Based: San Francisco

Stands out: Vocals, video, face

Oh Lord, this is dope!

“Ballin’ Like Shareef” is San Francisco native 24kGoldn’s new track. It comes with a good ole music video. Check it out below.

What we appreciated most about this song was not the video, the production or the writing; it was the vocals.

This guy has a really great voice, it’s classic but new at the same time. Not a lot of people sing with this style and we think it works really well. Although we LOVED this, 24Goldn is also known for his rap songs which are equally as good. People who are this gifted with music often boast a multi-faceted talent and that is definitely the situation in this case.

At only 17 years old, 24kGoldn is revolutionizing Bay Area music as we know it. This San Francisco artist draws inspiration from his hometown while putting a new spin on the traditional “hyphy” movement of the Bay. His “golden” sound–high energy beats, catchy melodies, and clever lyrics–have captured the attention of thousands across the country. With each new song, 24kGoldn continues to grow his following, and is on track to become hip-hop’s next superstar.

In his latest track, 24kGoldn is balling as hard as basketball star and son of Shaquille O’Neal, Shareef O’Neal. Producer Black Mayo’s energetic soundtrack is perfectly matched by 24k’s animated melodies. Dropping just in time for your summer playlist, this song was made for cruisin’ around with the top down.

We think you’ll dig this track if you’re into any kind of hip-hop. There’s not a lot to compare it to as it is quite original and we think it will stand out to quite a few of you. Whether you’re into gangsta rap or sexy, melodic jams, you’re bound to find something you can jam to in this 24Goldn’s portfolio of art.

oh. and his face is SO cute.