Dozenz – Never Have I Ever

Artist: Dozenz

Song: Never Have I Ever

Based: UK?

Stands out: Funky beat, good vocals

If you like: Chris Brown, Various hip-hop

‘Never Have I Ever’ is a collaboration production between Saleh “Dozenz” Hamed and Devin Montgomery. Working across continents, the track was one of the first songs they completed together.

We loved this song because it starts out with a really hard, punchy beat that has a somewhat funky feel to it too. We Felt the song was a good mix of pop and hip-hop. After the head-bopping verse you’re met with a slightly softer and more melodic chorus vocal however, the grinding synths and punchy percussion continue on in the instrumentation.

Check out the song below:

Dozenz says:

I wanted to write something that was simpler and more direct than the last few productions I had done, something more chill. I wanted it to sound menacing and confident. I was listening to current Mumble Rap and I really enjoyed the clarity and sparseness of the beats they use. The main elements that really gave Never Have I Ever it’s character for me where the revving up synth I use in the verses and then the gospel choir voices in the hook. Once I had those two elements the rest of the track took shape very quickly.  Another thing I wanted to do differently was to make the hook/chorus section empty out. Usually, the hook is where everything ‘drops’ and the song gets big. I have frequently found in EDM tracks the drop happens after the hook which gives you two big sections.  I wanted to incorporate that approach into this track.  When Devin Montgomery got his hands on it he brought in that trap feel that makes it pop a little extra. The lyrics were written with us bouncing ideas off each other. I would write a part and send across and then Devin would add new stuff or tweak some stuff and then rinse, repeat. For me, being able to make music with people around the world is truly empowering.