Out Came The Wolves – 96 (Mielo Remix)

Artist: Out Came The Wolves

Song: 96 (Mielo Remix)

Based: Chicago, IL

Stands out: Vocals, amazing production

If you like: Linkin Park, Flume

Stunning vocals swarmed in reverb, 80’s toms and similarly retro synths make for a really interesting listen! We’ve never come across a rock remix as great as this.

For people who have never heard of Mielo or Out Came The Wolves, the best way we can describe this track to you is if you combined linking park and flume – awesome, right?

Check out the emotional yet uplifting anthem below:

Management: MNiFEST
Nicholas Busch – nick@mnifest.co

Bookings: Spin Artist Agency
Rob Woo – rob@spinartistagency.com
Paul Cunningham – paul@spinartistagency.com