Red Right – Fit to Print

Artist: Red Right

Song: Fit to Print

Based: The World

Stands out: Message

If you like: Punk, Dead Kennedys, Crass

This is a song about how popular consensus is created.

Back in 2003 during the lead up to the Iraq War, we noticed the way NPR, Fox News, NYT, endless numbers of pundits, politicians, et al all seemed to be in utter consensus about the necessity of ending Saddam Hussein’s regime. At best, there were the semblances of debate about the optimal approach to topple the purported despot, but no one in the media, no matter what apparent political allegiance, seemed to question the righteous mission to accomplish what would eventually be legitimately interpretable as simply advancing a hegemonic Western resource interest at the rather extreme human cost of Iraqi lives, American veteran well being, and stability within the surrounding area.

From our perspective, this pattern is continued with the implicit presumed righteousness of certain objectives throughout the consensus machine, for example in encouraging conspicuous consumption. We’d recommend the book “Why America Fights” by Susan Brewer (Oxford University Press) for a brief introduction to the subject, which has its origins in the application of modern communications and behavioral psychology to age-old demagoguery for purposes of war time propaganda.

We hope this song (and, perhaps, the video as well) helps understanding of the way propaganda is accomplished and encourages people to think for themselves.