Scarlet – Hail The Apocalypse

Artist: Scarlet

Song: Hail The Apocalypse

Stands out: Chorus

SCARLET vehemently owns her darkness, anger, power and voice – for her dark and vulnerable experiences were not endured in vein. No stranger to mental illness and care, she understands first hand what it is to be ‘locked away’ and medicated like an outcast in society. Scarlet pin points her past blatant experience; “It’s easier to pretend someone doesn’t exist when he/she does not meet the status quo – a metaphor to closing your eyes when you’re scared because then you don’t see.” With eyes now wide open and frowning upon any make wrong for her alternative, rule-breaking ways, Scarlet’s first record release, ‘Age of Seduction’, will mark the escape from institutional life. She speaks to, builds and leads an army of followers far and wide who also feel on the outside and different. Turning anger into fuel, and darkness into enlightenment, she opens their hearts and minds and penetrate hardened defences with the undeniable punch-in-the face vehicle of her music.

Scarlet unashamedly describes the flavour of her sonic offerings, “My music is adjacent to wild sex, a fist fight, cathartic tears… and when the song is over, one last punch just in case it’s not all out of your system.” This well schooled, once church singing soprano will rap, talk, and sing you through hard, fast, heavy, dark, punk production inside succinct pop-like arrangements; the catalyst always her vivid imagery and convictions. The impressive, forthcoming body of work including ‘Hail The Apocalypse’ and ‘Killer Quinn’ will cement Scarlet as a stand out recording act in the Swedish hard rock scene. Due to the paradox of her ring-leading, yet grounded relatable qualities, predictions of this powerhouse fronting impactful live performances and booking international festivals, are already being forged…