Weight of Whispers – Weight of Whispers

Artist: Weight of Whispers

Song: Weight of Whispers

Stands out: Vocals, writing

If you like: Starset, Chevelle

Born from the combined 15 years of experience from some of Eastern North Carolina’s finest talent, Weight of Whispers is aiming to bring back a trait that most artists have lost: passion. Created by lead vocalist William Baker and guitarist Nick Lyons after what was just originally a fun jam session, creative juices started flowing quickly for the pair.

The pair added drummer Jake Speck and bassist Andrew Russell and the group became a complete unit. The group more recently debuted to the public but have a highly anticipated following throughout the North Carolina market.

Weight of Whispers is surely a group to keep an eye out for and the group has a drive and dedication unlike no other and are a force to be reckoned with. The group has their debut self-titled single “Weight of Whispers” coming out of the gates with high praises including comparisons to rock megastars Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle and more.