Auggie Velarde – Egoista (Feat. Lil Smoochie)

Artist: Auggie Velarde

Song: Egoista (Feat. Lil Smoochie)

Stands out: Beat

If you like: Cyber trap

‘Egoista’ is the smashing new chill-banger by Auggie Velarde featuring Lil Smoochie.

The track features filtered and autotuned hip-hop style vocals over a kind of electronic/hip-hop fusion cyber trap instrumental. We were dancing the second we heard ‘Egoista’; it’s got that infectious type of repetitive beat that seems to get in to your blood to the point where you just can’t help yourself!

Led by a piano that you’d find in old school house music, the chord progression is in a minor key but the vocal samples and percussive elements make this a semi-uplifting summer track.