BLYNE – Don’t You Ever ft. Chu

Artist: BLYNE

Song: Don’t You Ever ft. Chu

Based: Berlin

Stands out: Beautiful strong vocals, trap elements

BLYNE are a production duo based in Berlin. Their latest track ‘Don’t You Ever’ ft. Chu is a huge electro trip-hop banger with elements of soul and pop.

Chu’s stunningly strong vocals grace the beat as she sings in all kinds of tones, our favourite being the falsetto starting at around 00:15. Although being from Berlin, we felt this song had a pretty strong California vibe which we were totally digging. This song would fit into playlists with the like of ‘Never Be Like You’ by Flume, perfect for the approaching summer.

Everything is perfectly mixed, EQ’d and mastered. These are a pair of artists to watch, we see big things happening for them.

As CHU writes in her second verse; “This time I’m not chasing no perfection / no time to love your own complexions,” it’s all about trying to promote self-love and encourage listeners to not pay too much attention to what others may say, as CHU rightfully says, ‘it’s not just gold and glitter’!


On their upcoming debut EP, BLYNE (Jan Hammele & Andreas Hube) collaborate with international vocalists like NOVAA, L Devine, James Chatburn and B O K E H, whose musical origins range from pop & electronic music to R’n’B & Soul. The result is an eclectic, yet homogenous and highly personal work, recorded between Berlin and London.