Melting Order – Walk Slow

Artist: Melting Order

Song: Walk Slow

Based: Boston

Stands out: Eclectic production

Melting Order is an Italian artist and music producer based in Boston. His new song ‘Walk Slow’ really stood out to us when we came across it and we think you will really like it.

It starts out with a single repeating synth pluck, kind of like the way ‘Once’ by Diana Vickers does (which we loved back in the day, by the way).

The vocals are chorused and written with a minimal style over the hard-hitting electro hip-hop fusion of a beat.

The instrumental is comprised of a collection of different sounds from different areas of music such as square synths from electronica, funky basses from soul, a bit of 80’s dance here and there with an old school hip-hop beat.

This is a sound that really works for Melting Order and definitely works for us. Let’s hope he keeps making this type of music because we love it.