Cautious Clay – French Riviera

Artist: Cautious Clay

Song: French Riviera

Stands out: Stunning vocals, intelligent writing, top notch production

If you like: The Japanese House, Wet, Khalid

This song is a real piece of art.

‘French Riviera’ is an alternative hip-hop/electro track with a sound that resembles elements of The Japanese House, Wet and Khalid. Saying this, it’s completely original and 100% stands out from the crowd.

Cautious Clay is best known for his track ‘Cold War’ which went down a treat with around half a million listeners on YouTube alone. Quite impressive numbers for an indie act, and for a reason.

This track starts out with some delicately equalised percussive instruments, sub bass and ambient sound effects. The listener is soon greeted with Cautious Clay’s stunning vocals. They’re deep and manly while showing a sense of vulnerability that we love in a guy’s voice.

The actual rhythm of the vocals is slightly different to what you think is coming and that keeps you on your toes as you take in all the elements surrounding you. The song really is all encompassing, everything has a place in the sonic soundscape. I think this might be one of the most well produced songs we’ve ever heard.

“I wanna be a cult classic. Black boys wrapped in plastic”

With his trademarked sharp wit and poignant lyricism, Cautious blends the sounds of modern R&B, Indie Rock, and Jazz creating a ‘cult classic.’ A track that you can simultaneously unwind to and get hyped to, “French Riviera” has set the bar for the CC-wave that is taking the world by storm. Check out the song below.