BUHU – All Eye

Artist: BUHU

Song: All Eye

Stands out: Synth production, vocal melody

If you like: New sounds combined with 80’s elements

I woke up and I could smell something burning and I thought somebody was barbecuing. I said “who could be barbecuing at 2 in the morning?!” and then I realised LORD JESUS THERE’S A FIRE! And then I realised it was just this song. Yes, that was a really long way of saying that BUHU’s new song ‘All Eye’ is absolute fire.

You know us, and you know how much we love an arpeggiated synth. We were hooked on this track from the get-go. As well as the vibey synth, we loved the simplistic, repetitive melody of the vocal.

This is an extraordinarily well executed mix at the hands of a talented pair of artists. BUHU is the shape-shifting musical brainchild of Jeremy Rogers and Tiffany Paciga and we are so glad we came across it.

“All Eye” the second single from BUHU’s debut studio album, Tenets, is a percussive, synth driven song about growth and personal discovery through critical self examination. Emotive modern day synth pop strongly influenced by the orchestrations of Tears for Fears and Phil Collins, “All Eye” perhaps exhibits BUHU at their quintessence. Tenets releases worldwide September 5th, 2018 on FMF Records .