Natasha Fisher – If I Could I Would

Artist: Natasha Fisher

Song: If I Could I Would

Based: Toronto, Canada

Stands out: Bass, Simple vocals

If you like: Terror Jr, Allie X

‘If I Could I Would’ is the latest single from up and coming artist Natasha Fisher.

The stunning beauty from Canada delivers (and more) with this one. We got in contact with Natasha who said the song is the result of getting over an ex lover, I think trust issues are something we’ve all had to Na deal with in relationships at some point (and if you haven’t yet, you most likely will. Sorry to be a buzz kill – it’s why sad songs sell better!). What we loved is how Natasha addresses an unfortunate topic with an uplifting sound, it’s got that “get back up and get on your grind” type of vibe.

Huge bass plucks and trap percussion with sound effects make this song sound like a musical relative of Terror Jr, except more commercial.

We really liked Natasha’s simple yet strong vocals as they slot perfectly into gaps in the beat, something that we think works great with this type of minimal electro pop.