Little Sain✚ (Featuring Marger) – Remedy

Artist: Little Sain✚ (Featuring Marger)

Song: Remedy

Stands out: Incredible production and melodies

‘Remedy’ is a KILLER new song from Little Saint featuring Marger.

Produced by Sibling, this track has a big, dark and punchy production style that sounds gritty and dirty – but in the best way. We LIVE for the darker tracks, as you probably know, so this one was right up our street and we knew we just had to blog about it.

The song takes elements of dubstep, glitch-hop and pop and features big orchestral elements that take the song to the next level. We could totally see this being a huge hit from being a film placement. It’s honestly quite incredible. You’ll be listening to this for the next 10 years, guaranteed.