Krhymez – So Hard

Artist: Krhymez

Song: So Hard

Based: UK

If you like: Stormzy, Ocean Wisdom

‘So Hard’ is the debut single from UK rap artist Krhymez.

A repetitive tropical-type melody, heavy bass and well placed percussion makes up the instrumental. The track has a minimal grime type of feel, everything is in its place perfectly which allows the vocals to shine through. The writing is great and we loved the more relaxed flow, in fact this is kind of like Stormzy if time slowed down – it’s great.

Krhymez started off making beats for artists as a producer before taking the step to launch a solo career in music. After beginning to make music himself, he found inspiration from the likes of Boy Better Know, Diddy, and Chip, which fuelled the fire to create the new single ‘So Hard’ as his first official release.

Hailing from North London, Krhymez is a producer and artist that holds his musical identity as a depiction of his past, expressing an emotional narrative of the struggles of modern life within his music. Krhymez holds his own character as a relatable rap artist, breaking away from the inconsequential aspects of songwriting and forward into the depths of the contemporary hip-hop world.

The music video for ‘So Hard’ gives us an exclusive insight into a personal story. Filmed in London, the video is representative of the working class, piecing together the similarities between modern humanity in the big city.