Laura Jean Anderson – Love You Most

Artist: Laura Jean Anderson

Song: Love You Most

Based: LA

Stands out: Vocals

If you like: Adele

Newcomer Laura Jean Anderson recently released her new single ‘Love You Most’.

The vocals are incredible, she really has a powerhouse voice with a soulful softness. The writing and delivery could be compared to that of Adele and Dolly Parton. 

Born one of five kids in Olympia, Washington where grunge was king and liberal hippies thrived, Laura Jean was raised strictly Mormon. By her mid-teens, she rebelled. Music was her first outlet.

Through the years, she’s made her way working odd jobs, busking, living in an artist compound, and playing live in any capacity. She’s also done various forms of farm work in South America.

Support Laura Jean on her journey as an artist and check out the song: