Elley Duhé – Lost My Mind

Artist: Elley Duhé

Song: Lost My Mind

Stands out: Amazing vocals, magical music

If you like: MØ, Banks

Rising US singer and songwriter Elley Duhé releases the first single, ‘LOST MY MIND’, from her forthcoming debut EP set for release via A Creative Music Group/RCA Records.

At the time of posting Elley has 20.5k instagram followers. We predict that turning into a few million very soon so we just wanted to mark that here.

The best part of this song is definitely the chorus, there’s just something so magical yet haunting about the line “I will get better”. This is a prime example one of those moments in music where it just works.

There isn’t one particular element that puts the cherry on the cake, it’s just the exact formula needed to create this type of energy. This doesn’t happen for a lot of artists, particularly modern day, so it really is something to be honoured and cherished.

Give this song a listen, you sure as hell won’t regret it.

Elley says: “‘Lost My Mind’ is about human connection. In the song, I’m pleading to the outside world and people in my life to not abandon me or think less of me because I may be going through a dark period. The point I’m trying to get across in the song is that something as simple as having compassion for someone is important even if you don’t understand what they’re going through.”