Wander Marchal – Sacred

Artist: Wander Marchal

Song: Sacred

Stands out: Vocals

If you like: Adele, Joss Stone

‘Sacred’ is the debut track from the incredible woman Wander Marchal.

With a tone somewhere between Joss Stone and Adele, Wander has a classic element to her voice that will appeal to the masses. Old and young, across the genres, Wander will shine.

The verses are smooth, smokey and soulful. The chorus comes in like a sudden wildfire and packs a mighty punch.

We think Wander Marchal might be a name to remember…

“Sacred” is a statement piece wrought with emotion and burden. Wander’s vocals could fill even the smallest void with their rich and robust sound. Conversely, her lyrics “Nothing’s sacred no more,” ring loud and clear – leaving you feeling heavy and defeated, while a stripped-back instrumentation allows Wander’s vocals and message to remain the focus of the song. “Sacred” is compelling and moving, and quite a riveting introduction to the young artist.