Sam Setton – Wine

Artist: Sam Setton

Song: Wine

Based: NYC

Stands out: Catchiness, sharp production

If you like: Troye Sivan, Years & Years

If you follow this blog closely then you may have read our (farirly) recent post on Sam Setton, an incredible pop artist based in New York City.

Sam first caught our attention with his song ‘Santiago’ and now he’s released a follow up banger named ‘Wine’.

Wine is a solid pop song with EDM elements and a core made of catchy writing and supreme production. We loved this song and couldn’t wait to share it with you. Go and check it out and add it to your summer-into-fall playlists!

“Wine” is about a relationship gone sour. Love becomes so impassioned that it turns to fighting and through that you turn to drinking, using a substance to ease the tension and delay confrontation.Often times the lines between love and hate, drunk and sober, become blurred.