Yardij – Pink Sweater

Artist: Yardij

Song: Pink Sweater (Pretending)

Based: USA

Stands out: Chorus

If you like: Paramore

‘Pink Sweater (Pretending)’ is an indie rock track from Yardij’s third EP ‘Face Value’ which came out a few weeks ago on July 20th.

The song starts out fairly chilled with soft vocals and gradually hints at a build up.

The chorus is where it’s at with this song.  Deja’s vocals go from sweet to strong and you can really hear what a powerhouse she is. The music picks up and the vocals get raspy, it could not be any more perfect.

We think you’ll dig this if you like Paramore.

The band’s new 4 song EP is a fresh take on their signature indie rock sound and explores topics from relationships, to “trusting your gut” to being young and making mistakes. The band continues to gently lead their listeners towards an environment of self-awareness and social consciousness while keeping it light and fun.