THE WLDLFE – Headache


Song: Headache

Based: Indianapolis

Stands out: Vocals, catchiness

If you like: Shawn Mendes, Taylor Swift

THE WLDLFE, from Indianapolis, IN, is an indie pop band comprised of Frontman Jansen Hogan, guitarist Jason Boucouras, drummer Geoff Jones, bass player Jack Crane, and multi-instrumentalist Carson Hogan. 

Our chief editor has been following Jansen Hogan since way before the beginning of Audiotox, probably about 2012.

It was a wonderful surprise to be listening to this track and realise it’s Jansen signing, we recognised his unique voice almost instantly.

The song is a catchy pop track in terms of writing but the production is quite edgy and takes elements from future bass, synthwave and even elements of rock.

Jansen says: “Headache is one of our most unique records and we think that is why it is one of our favorites. It dives into some deeper aspects of our R&B influences. We felt like it was a risky song off the bat but the finished product was everything we hoped for and more.”