Kyson – Every High

Artist: Kyson

Song: Every High

Stands out: Haunting vocals

If you like: Dark Indie Chill

Haunting vocals lead you into this stunning song. The repetition combined with layers of reverb make it super ambient; we can imagine this being the intro song for a dark Netflix series.

The song is a chilled piece with a catchy hook that falls somewhere on the spectrum between indie-chill and hip-hop.

Kyson is the musical project of Australian born and now Berlin-based producer/composer/vocalist, Jian Liew.

Speaking about ‘Every High’, Kyson himself shares: “I wanted to write a song about overcoming the feeling or need we have as individuals to modify ourselves and our personalities to please others in our daily lives… about how honesty and trust can help overcome this pressure of pleasing, and the journey of finding the way towards both of these emotions.”