C.A.M – Setting The Pace

Artist: C.A.M

Song: Setting The Pace

Based: East London

Stands out: Fast rap skills

If you like: Ocean Wisdom

‘Setting The Pace’ is a new track from C.A.M.

Less than a year since his debut project was released, the East London emcee has steadily built a strong following with his authentic blend of sharp flows and engaging lyricism.

Upon listening we were both surprised and impressed by C.A.M’s skills, he’s got a really tight flow and maintains that even in double time. Smart lyricism and sharp production really set this song apart from your average rap track – this is something special and this guy deserves some love.

“I used to spit to grime before hip hop and hadn’t tested myself spitting faster for a long time so this track was that test and I think I proved to myself I still got it!”

C.A.M has been played several shows in UK, Germany (supporting Onyx) and Lithuania, and with a solid run over 2018, he’s giving fans more dope music in the form of ‘Setting the pace’.