Devon Lawrence – Like The Ocean

Artist: Devon Lawrence

Song: Like The Ocean

Based: Los Angeles

Stands out: Everything! This girl is magic

If you like: Banks


‘Like the Ocean’ is the debut single of Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Devon Lawrence. With haunting melodies and vulnerable lyrics, the song tells the story of the mind games played in the aftermath of a toxic relationship.

We were intrigued by the delicate vocals and enchanting melodies, the production kind of fits into the same genre as Banks’s first album so this will appeal to all you early Banks fans out there.

Similar to Banks, Broods, and Charlotte Lawrence, it features dark synths, layered vocals and dramatic melodic builds. This song is SO catchy and the way it builds and builds and builds before hitting a really strong peak is stunning.

“‘Like the Ocean’ is about the mind games you play with yourself in the aftermath of a toxic relationship – replaying conversations over and over again, going back and forth on what it all meant, or if it meant anything – I think a lot of us have been there.“