Paper Anthem – Aquatic

Artist: Paper Anthem

Song: Aquatic

Based: Seattle

Stands out: Enchanting vibes

If you like: The Killers, Hard-Fi

The vocals instantly reminded us of The Killers upon hearing this track. The combination of that and the trance-rock production really grabbed us. We knew we had to write about it.

There’s so much emotion in this song that it completely captivates the listener to a point where mental images are triggered and the imagination is stimulated, hence calling it “trance-rock”. 

This is a perfect blend of clean and distorted indie guitars, percussive drum beats and heavy, repetitive piano. So classic yet so fresh.

“[Aquatic]’s about a situation I was in years ago where I suspected a partner was cheating on me but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to find out the truth or not,”