alextbh – Still Mine

Artist: alextbh

Song: Still Mine

Based: Malaysia

Stands out: Vocals, message

If you like: Troye Sivan

Living openly gay in a highly conservative and unaccepting Malaysian society, alextbh is unafraid to proudly embody his queer identity. Unfortunately the government in Malaysia is unaccepting of the LGBTQ+ community and has been quite outspoken about it.

“We exist, we get heartbroken and we expect to have songs that reflect just that.” – alextbh

Since his debut release in 2016 alextbh has amassed over 10 million Spotify streams, we are so pleased that someone using their platform for resistance and change is garnering this sort of traction – it is certainly well deserved.

‘Still Mine’ showcases alextbh’s extraordinary vocal talent and features a strong alt-pop production that will stand out to those of you who love a bit of Troye Sivan, Ben Khan and Banks.

Check out this amazing young artist below: