Maydar – Sweet Talk

Artist: Maydar

Song: Sweet Talk

Based: Stockholm

Stands out: Vibes

If you like: Melanie Martinez, Banks

This track is intoxicating.

With a creep factor that could battle Melanie Martinez, we felt this song had really great atmosphere and the haunting vocals only added to that vibe.

Strong production in the chorus is balanced by more delicate sounds in the verses, the song is a really great mix of sounds that results in a punchy and crisp dark-pop song.

We think this will appeal to those who like Melanie Martinez, Banks and Selena Gomez. Check it out!

“Sweet Talk is very personal to me. In this song, I’m seeking revenge. But not only in the aspect of getting hurt by somebody else – I’m also eager to face my own past, history and the structures I’ve inherited”