LiL MiK_e – Death

Artist: LiL MiK_e

Song: Death

Based: USA

Stands out: Darkness, simple melody

LiL MiK_e is an indie emo rapper with a dark sound.


We generally tend to like the more dark and mysterious vibes, along with simple yet effective vocal melodies and that’s exactly what this song is about so it’s no surprise we decided to post about it.

If you like your dark mumble rap and cloud hop then you will want to give this one a listen, it’s up your street but around a corner (if that makes any sense)… LiL MiK_e deserves more attention.

“This song shares my story of what goes on in my head day and night. This video depicts what could be a possible reality for me every day but at the end of the video you see me next to my body fighting. Our goal with this video is to bring suicide awareness to light and let people know that they are strong enough to keep fighting.”