MRVLZ x Jay Bird – Alive feat DNAKM

Artist: MRVLZ x Jay Bird

Song: Alive feat DNAKM

Based: San Jose, California

Stands out: Unique vocals, insane mixing skills and production

If you like: Charity, Ellie Goulding

The beautiful and soft synths that lead us into the song reminded us a bit of Charity’s ‘Metal Boy’ which is one of our favourite songs of all time.

The gentle melodies are joined by filtered percussion and layered vocals. We would say the vocals are somewhat indie but definitely have a place in mainstream music. You could compare it to something between Shakira and Sia but with Ellie Goulding’s delivery.

The production is a really fun one. It’s punchy and sharp yet warm and all encompassing. You’ll enjoy this track so give it a listen!


MRVLZ: MRVLZ is a California-based electronic artist who offers a unique, powerful, and emotional feeling with his work. Growing up, he played a handful of instruments and has always shown musical diversity with inspirations ranging from metal to hip-hop and more,. After attending a dubstep show in 2011, MRVLZ was inspired by artists such as Skrillex and Porter Robinson to start DJing himself. From there, he quickly developed his production skills which lead to support from acts such as Tiesto, The Chainsmokers, and Don Diablo while also landing an official remix for Marshmello. MRVLZ continues to bring a unique blend of electronic and natural elements that will leave you in the feels.

Jay Bird: California-based producer, Jay Bird, offers a mix of emotive and melodic electronic music to move both the minds and bodies of listeners. With a diverse background in music spanning between folk, indie rock, and electronic music, Jay Bird’s work has formed into his own unique, Indie Electronic style. After experiencing a Bassnectar festival a few years back, Jay Bird produced his first electronic song the next day and has continued to experiment with fusing his musical influences together ever since. The vision for his project is to make uplifting dance music that holds true to the organic feel of his folk roots.

DNAKM: DNAKM is a vocalist and songwriter whose voice has given life to productions from a wide range of up and coming electronic artists. Often vulnerable and emotive, her vocal work has been featured on multiple large YouTube labels including AirwavesTV, Diversity, and Arctic Empire. As she attends Berklee School of Music, DNAKM continues to write and release music and you will likely see her name popping up more and more in the coming months.