The Chainsmokers ft. Winona Oak- Hope

Artist: The Chainsmokers ft. Winona Oak

Song: Hope

Stands out: Production, catchy hook

If you like: The Chainsmokers, Radio music

If you have been alive for the past 2 years then you most likely already know The Chainsmokers.

This preppy, youthful sound mixes hopeful lyrics about blinding love with a pop sound creates a perfect end to the Sick Boy album. Written by Winona Oak, the Chainsmokers say it’s a ‘special’ song and one that tells a story everyone can relate to.

A love story hopeful but doomed from the beginning, the uplifting sound of the song creates a facąde of happiness and satisfaction, entwined with the healing lyrics. Everyone can relate to this song, say the writers, as “we’ve all been here,” but rounding off this beautiful, psychedelic album with the knowledge that we have learnt from our mistakes.
When you try to see the best in a situation, knowing you would have done anything to make it work but the whole time it was doomed from the start. That said the song is uplifting and supposed to be healing… we have all been here, but we are smarter now and better for it…