Song: Twisted

Based: Multi

Stands out: Sharp production

A rising Japanese-American boys band INTERSECTION is releasing their 4th single “Twisted” as their first self-produced work. INTERSECTION, a bilingual boys band who has both Japanese and American background made their debut on October 5th in 2018 with their 1st single “Heart of Gold”.

Twisted is INTERSECTION’s newest track. This song is their first self-produced work as the members William and Kazuma worked on composing the music. Its theme is a heart-broken teenager. The music video of the song has also been released today. The video was also created by the members and their friends. The director was one of their friends and the members also participated in directing.

This wistful, melodic track is a personal song for William, a love story where things dont go as they should. The soft melody in the song is mixed cleverly with the psychdellic sound of the boys’ voices makes for a perfect song. Its soft, dreamy vibe is calming and cathartic and perfectly encompasses the pop genre.

William asked a friend to direct the music video, saying: “I respect his unique sense of art, so I gave him a rough image of the video and let him do the rest. In this video, we express anxious feelings of not been sure if we really understand each other. it depicts how those feelings moves around in real world and illusional world. I hope the song reach out to many listeners as well as the video.”

We look forward to seeing what else INTERSECTION releases throughout 2019, as their soft, bouncy track “Twisted” sets a gorgeous tone for their following music.